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A natural and organic way to help heal and protect your tattoo.

Directions -

Clean area as recommended by your tattoo artist and pat dry.

Apply a very thin layer of salve to the tattoo.

Always follow your tattoo artist advice on your new tattoo. I am not giving medical advice nor am I medical doctor. Please seek professional help if you feel something is wrong with the tattoo area.

Tattoo'd U

  • Now available in sample packets of 5ml each.

    An organic and natural 1 oz salve that helps heal and protect. A little goes a long way, with no greasy feeling after wards.

    Not to be used internally.

    Great for -

    * New Tattoos
    * Cuts
    * Burns
    * Scratches
    * Itchy Skin
    * Bug Repellent
    * Bug Bites
    * Dry Skin
    * Cracked Heels
    * Diaper Rash
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