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My soap is made from natural vegetable oils and butters which makes them perfect for sensitive skin.  In mass produced soaps the natural glycerin (a wonderful by product of soap making) is removed to produce a harder, longer lasting bar, but in my handmade soaps the glycerin is maintained.


Glycerin soap washes off quickly in water, making it easy to rinse off and it won't leave behind a residue as you may find in heavier soaps that are made with animal fats. 

Depending on your bathing habits, you can expect a bar to last at least 3 weeks.  Please remember to place your soap in a dish that drains so that the air is allowed to circulate around the bar and dry it thoroughly.  Keeping it out of the shower/bath area is recommended for proper dry time.  Most soaps turn into a goopy mess when allowed to sit in a puddle of water after washing.


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