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We were honored to be able to attend the Octoberfest here in town. It was a first time event and did really well for it being so, we think. Even the forcast of rain didn't stop anyone from coming down and having fun!

oct fest sign.jpg
oct fest 2.jpg

Our Para Soy Candle display

oct fest 3.jpg

Soap table - S'mores Soap won top billing for sales on soap this night

oct fest 4.jpg

Lotions and Potions Table !

As the night started to fall, we put up some lights to brighten our tent We think the lights made it more magical! Don't mind the off center tables, it started to drip on the side and if we didn't want soapy bubbles forming, we had to move the soap display up some.

oct fest 6.jpg

Afterwards Mr Pumpkin Head showed up and gathered many folks around, we think we should give him a 3Q patch to wear next time! ha ha

oct fest 5.jpg

As always it was a fun adventure and we appreicate everyone that stopped by for a smell (those are ALWAYS free), to purchase or to chat with us!

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