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Green Tea Sugar Scrub

We've made a Green Tea Scrub without those nasty microbeads, that companies have been using. Microbeads are made of plastic, not only do they harm the enviroment but they also scratch your skin. That's right, those little bits of plastic rip tiny holes in your skin! YUCK!! Sugar and Jojoba beads are used as the exfoliants in our new scrub.

We add in Green tea leaves which help reduce skin redness, protects and rejuvenates your skin, and can assist in repairing of your skin cells.

We add in Jojoba oil to moistureize the skin. Did you know jojoba oil is not really an oil at all but a waxy substance that is similar to human skin oils, known as sebum. It is thought that Jojoba oil "tricks" the skin into thinking it has produced enough oil which helps balance your own skins oil production

Finally we add in Cucmber Melon fragrance to give it a relaxing but also refreshing scent. As always, our products are made fresh in small batches, so that you have the best skin care product available to you!

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